Vojvodina Grand Tour

Explore beauties of northern part of Serbia with multi-ethnic and multi-cultural identity. Vojvodina remained after Pannonian Sea dried out, so as a consequence, this low-land area has extremely fertile soil and therefore beautiful landscape intersected by Danube, Sava, Tisza and great deal of smaller rivers and canals.

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Vojvodina Grand Sightseeing Tour includes:

  • Sremski Karlovci –Cultural and spiritual centre of the Serbian people
  • Museum of Beekeeping, Honey and Wine – Tasting of honey and wine – unique in our country. You can smell the scent of wax and propolis and taste traditional noblest wines from Karlovci (Ausbruh, Bermet, Riesling), which were served on the Vienna, and Budapest and Serbian Palace and that were on the wine list of the Titanic 1912.
  • Chapel of Peace – For the first time in the history of world diplomacy organized the roundtable negotiations so that no one has primacy in the facade – Karlovci Peace 1698.
  • Treasury Patriarch’s Palace – The most magnificent building and one of the finest examples of kings palaces in Serbia
  • The Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas – The capital and largest Orthodox church in Karlovci
  • Karlovačka Gimnazija –The oldest Serbian Grammar School (1791)
  • Karlovci Town house
  • The Petrovaradin Fortress – The most modern fortresses in Europe in the 17th century, the underground tour of the Petrovaradin fortress, which is its biggest attraction

  • Museum of Vojvodina – The largest museum in Vojvodina (archeology, history, ethnology, art history…)
  • Zmaj Jovina Street – One of the oldest streets in Novi Sad
  • Catholic Cathedral – 76 m high
  • Square of Svetozar Miletić – The main city square
  • Novi Sad City Hall – Built in 1895.
  • The Serbian National Theatre – The oldest cultural institution in Vojvodina, founded 1861.
  • Student Square – University of Novi Sad
  • Sports Centre Novi Sad
  • Boulevard of Liberation – The largest and most famous boulevard in Novi Sad
  • The main train and bus stations
  • Monastery Kovilj – 14th century

Important Information:

  • The price includes A/C vehicle and English speaking guide
  • The price does not include tickets for: Museum of beekeeping, honey and wine – tasting of honey and wine (three types of red and three types of white vine, three types of honey); Chapel of Peace; Treasury Patriarch’s Palace; The oldest Serbian Grammar School; Private underground tour of the Petrovaradin fortress; Museum of Vojvodina (total cost for the tickets is 25 EUR per person)
  • Program is available all year around and it lasts from 8 up to 10 hours, depending on the guest wishes and time
  • You can combine this tour with other tours we offer

Vojvodina Additonal Activities

Get to know Vojvodina from different perspective.

We will take you to the most interesting destinations in Vojvodina. You can choose from various activities for having funniest & wildest vacation in Serbia that you’ll never forget.

Vojvodina with Prive Concierge

Additional activities:

  • Novi Sad sightseeing by luxury boat – Cruising on the Danube river, which spreads through Novi Sad. While drifting slowly, you will have opportunity to pass by all the significant monuments and beautiful parts of Novi Sad – capital of Vojvodina

You will certainly enjoy swimming in the Danube, barbecue, beverages and good company, as well as unforgettable sunset, if you decide this luxury boat cruise to be your full day excursion.