Royal Palace Complex

Serbian intriguing history situated in magical, elite part of Belgrade.

Walking tour includes Royal Palaces, official residence of the Serbian royal dynasty Karađorđević that are situated in a beautiful wooded quarter “Dedinje”.

Serbian royal dynasty residence

Royal Palace Walking Tour:

Royal Palaces at Dedinje, official residence of the Serbian royal dynasty Karađorđević are situated in a wooded, elite part of Belgrade. Royal Palaces have been opened for public only in the past several years and represent an attractive destination for excursions.

History of two palaces:

Royal complex in Dedinje consists of Royal Palace and White Palace. Royal Palace was built in 1929. and today in this large estate lives Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević II with his wife Princess Katarina. The later added White Court with its outbuildings was intended for three sons of King Aleksandar I – Prince Petar (the future King Petar II and father of HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar), Prince Tomislav and Prince Andrej. The construction of the White Palace lasted for four years (1934 -1937). However, after the assassination of the King in 1934, the young King Petar II settled in the Dedinje Complex and continued to reside in The Royal Palace with his mother HM Queen Marija and his two brothers.

Art collection:

Royal and White Palaces have valuable collections of paintings (Rembrandt, Poussin), sculptures, and decorative objects of a great value. Royal Court houses the collection of King Aleksandar I and in the White Palace, designed in the neoclassical style, you can see objects mostly chosen by Prince regent Pavle Karađorđević. One can recognize hall of the White Court as a place in which Slobodan Milošević held political speeches during ’90s. Complex also has family church dedicated to St. Andrew the First-called, patron saint of the Karađorđević Family. Church is interesting because of replicas of the most beautiful frescoes from Serbian monasteries Dečani and Sopoćani.

Important Information:

  • The price includes transfer hotel-Royal Palace-hotel
  • The price includes English speaking guide
  • The tour lasts from 1 up to 1.5 hours
  • If the prince and princess are on the court at that day, they will welcome you
  • Please note that you should take your passports with you to enter the Royal Palace
  • You can combine this tour with other tours we offer